DAM Opportunities

Find and collaborate on opportunities with and for Bay Area artists via the DAM network.

To submit an opportunity, email info@theDAMevent.com . 

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Posted 1/2/16 : GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Looking for an experienced graphic designer who is also an illustrator and experienced in social media. Salary position available for a mainstream artist in the music industry. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. This job requires quick turn around time.

  • Email resume if interested to : Eclecticother@gmail.com
  • Include note : “Referral from DAM Events”

Posted 1/2/16 : DANCE TEACHER

Redwood City dance studio looking for a hip hop teacher for classes on Tuesdays at 7pm + Fridays at 4pm and 5pm. Beginner/intro level students. Reliable. Good with kids.

  • Email resume if interested to : StudioSBroadway@sbcglobal.net
  • Include note : “Referral from Bibi”


San Carlos dance studio looking for a beginner level Gymnastics/Acro teacher. Reliable.

  • Email resume if interested to :  melodicremedydance@gmail.com
  • Include note : “Referral from Bibi”